Let's Do It

The Album

Let’s Do It (In The Name Of Love) is a collection of original songs by Al Goodah, as well as jazz standards which have been re-arranged for a modern audience, with pop, funk and world music influences. Goodah’s original songs have been created with passion and love, and are based on his firm belief that we can still create a world where anyone can be happy. The message of this album is important for him to communicate to his listeners: When love is allowed to surround war and hate it consumes them, and triumphs.
In the singer’s own words, “It doesn’t matter what you want or what you’re going to do, just do it in the name of love... I hope this album is a contribution to activate your spirit in a positive way and brings you a lot of pleasure and happiness while listening to it. If I can achieve that, then all I need to say is we are now ready to take our love to the next level so Let’s Do It (In The Name Of Love).”

The Lyrics

Al Goodah’s lyrics speak for themselves, but it is important to note here that the title track was inspired by the words of his mother and is dedicated to her. All of his songs express a level of deep emotional connectedness and authenticity which is food for the soul. From honest, heart-touching relationship songs to the inspirational “Keep up the Fun”, Al Goodah’s words motivate and warm the heart.

The Band

Rolf Delfos - alto & soprano saxophones
Martijn van Iterson - guitar
Marcel Serierse - drums
Marius Beets - double bass
Peter Beukius - grand piano, rhodes 88
Cees Trappenburg - trumpet
Peter Broekhuizen - tenor & baritone saxophone
Alexander Beets - tenor saxophone solo's
Patt Riley - backing vocals
Al Goodah - backing vocals



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